Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Shryer Public Relations


SHRYER PR takes a holistic approach to public relations. Behind it is the understanding of your business and marketing goals, your messaging, your expertise and your growth.
Tweeting because “everyone is doing it” doesn’t mean the tactic fits your goals. The same holds true for press releases, mentions in a national business publication, videos, podcasts, etc.
SHRYER PR provides marketing and communications expertise with a creative yet practical approach to communicating your value. Sometimes there are better alternatives for your budget than rapid fire pitching with the hope that something sticks. We figure out what will work best for you within your budget. And be sure, there are no cookie cutter programs here.  You won’t find mediocrity or complacency either.  There’s no way you can convince us that this is a way to grow with you.
SHRYER PR is built on innovation, integrity and intellect. We provide an environment that is based on:
·         Setting realistic expectations with our clients
·         Ongoing research about your value, your features and benefits, your market, and the conversations surrounding your space.
·         Building trusting relationships that stimulate great ideas, great campaigns and great copy.
·         Following a business model that is conducive to a partnership. Billings don’t reflect overhead, just meaningful, successful work.

Bottom line: your business objectives are translated into actionable strategies and tactics to achieve the ultimate ROI for you without the big agency prices.